Back Again

A chance comment from a man in a pub (a Mahlerman in a pub) made me feel sufficiently guilty enough to galvanise me into kicking this thing back into life!

To begin: Abandoned Wrecks - photos of coastal delapidation (I note that the images are very cheap to purchase too!)


Gaw said...

Ah, hello. Just noticed - great news.

mahlerman said...

And what a good job I made the 'chance remark' along with 'make mine a large one' - when I lived in Ireland many years ago I used to travel regularly between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire and this beautiful vessel often carried me and my child bride. It dates from the 50's, when Britain still made wonderful objects like this (well Paddys actually, at Harland and Wolff), and long before we became a nation of merchant bankers and computer operators. My God, what went wrong?

worm said...

wow thats amazing that you recognise the boat MM!