Cold War

From the excellent blog, ptaks's science books. There's interesting stuff on there almost every day. Yesterday's post discussed the sound that V1 doodlebugs made. I hadn't known up until now. I can really imagine it being very scary:


Susan said...

Not much different from living under the Heathrow flightpath then? You seem to manage to read an awful lot - does that make you a bookworm? Hope you enjoy Mailman - can't wait to hear your comments.

Gadjo Dilo said...

The V1 had a pulsejet engine which gave it it's distinctive sound - worse than hearing it was not hearing it as you then knew the thing has stopped flying and was plummeting to the ground.

worm said...

susan - yep, proud to be a confirmed bookworm of the highest order!

gadjo - I heard that the V2 was even worse, as it arrived before you heard it, which is rather rude.