Bah humbug

The weather and other people have conspired to make me miserable today, and on a friday too - most unfair. So, in my newfound spirit of grouchiness, I have decided to make a list of things which are not cool. Feel free to add/ remove as applicable.

nb. before you get upset or anything, there are plenty of things that I like/do on this list - it's only about whether I think they are naff or not


marijuana (especially if referred to as 'Ganja')
organic food
superdry/jack wills/fat face/white stuff/boden/any surf or skate clothing brand


rugby shirts with collars turned up

leather clothing
cream coloured chino shorts and deck shoes with no socks on a cornish beach
baseball caps with sunglasses on top of visor
superhero movies
comedian based panel shows

toy cameras
expensive watches

male necklaces

games consoles
radio 1

lady gaga
GQ magazine

'audiophile' music systems that cost more than £5000

the south of france
sex toys
combat/ cargo trousers
wearing courier bags to the office
men's shoes that look like pasties
'rugged' 'off road' style men's sandals
ironic or retro slogan t-shirts

top gear
going to the gym
kate moss
cycling, especially the whole 'fixie' nonsense

russell brand

VW beetles or camper vans


Brit said...


worm said...

ooh yeah - twitter! and weirdly I actually had to sign up to twitter as part of work yesterday - i've made 3 work-related tweets so far, and I'm already bored of myself

to add to the list

loft apartments
minimalist interior design/ eames chairs

Brit said...

rose wine
having sex
being younger than me

worm said...

tattoos and piercings

Gaw said...

How do you get to be so exhaustive so early in the morning? Not only do I agree with every entry (of yours not Brit's) but I have nothing to add except for 'politics'.

worm said...

ridiculously expensively premium balsamic vinegar or olive oil

Brit said...

using laptops on the train
Naomi Klein
Japanese stuff with cartoon cats and whatnot
retro football shirts of foreign clubs, especially MLS ones from the 70s
contemporary British gangster films featuring Danny Dyer
Barack Obama

worm said...

oooh Obama's a good one Brit

channel 4
alessi kitchen stuff
climate change
Olympics presenters, The Bell Brothers
Modern art
Chuck Palahniuk
Notting Hill
collecting trainers
star wars

Susan said...

Def Rambouts coffee - or is Nespresso the new Rambout? And the word def. Shame about the tattoos (at least for those who have them). And Ed Hardy underwear.

Brit said...

everyone on Mock the Week
T-shirts with little cartoon versions of The A-Team
bars with sofas so low and soft you can't get out of them or hear each other speak because everyone's so far away
Noam Chomsky
attractive but sexless teen vampires
calling Tony Blair "Tony Bliar"

worm said...

tell me about it susan, both my arms are tattooed! Luckily it was easy to take my piercings out

anything at all ed hardy is the spawn of satan

nespresso is unredeemably naff!!

some more...

garden trampolines
the word 'artisan' used anywhere
edible 'foams'
laminate flooring
celebrity autobiographies
sat navs
hand cooked crisps
cath kidston

Brit said...

This doesn't leave us with much, does it?

worm said...

you're right Brit, and besides, now that there's only 2 hours to go until the weekend, I am suddenly feeling more charitable towards my fellow man

Brit said...

Then let's let satnavs back in, they're v useful. And I like Berlin though we should still exclude talking about how cool Berlin is.

worm said...

ok, we can let satnavs back in, which leaves a nice space in which to fit both bluetooth headsets and Haagen Daas. And I like Berlin too, but I agree we're definately not allowed to talk about how cool it is, and ESPECIALLY not in a 'hip weekend break' kind of way.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yep, can't disagree with a single item there, except posibly "coffee", a large quantity of which is currently working it's way through my colon like a sunrise through a spinney of poplers.

I might also add: "The Weakest Link", "Films with aliens who look like humans", "Champagne" and "Backgammon".

worm said...

excellent call on the Champagne there Gadjo! and to add to what you said - "Films with aliens who look like humans - and speak with an american accent"

Susan said...

Hey worm, what about McDonalds, Starbucks - and Tesco?

zmkc said...

Farmers' markets?