The middle class con

This morning our office handyman came in. He's a really nice chap, a young 40 something working class brummie who drives a white van but has managed to avoid the usual shaven-headed look so commonly sported round here. We were just chatting about what he was up to when he revealed he is about to go on his yearly 6 week holiday to Australia. This is on top of his yearly month in Malaga and 2 or more other short trips. On his salary this guy works his own hours, owns his own house, has everything he actually needs and can go on holiday whenever he likes.

What exactly is the point of all the middle class crap I go through, when the end result is that I actually have far less time and enjoyment of life than he does?


Brit said...

In our old office the window cleaner used to talk about his foreign holidays. He used to take one every month, pretty much. Possibly it helps if all your pay is straight in the old skyrocket and none to the taxman.