Well, it’s a very tiny, very feeble milestone, but a milestone nevertheless! 1000 lost, bored or clinically insane people have had the misfortune to wash up here in the shallow, lukewarm waters of my blog. Hopefully none of them caught anything too infectious before they left.

It’s a double honour because I don’t really blog specifically for pleasure. I’m trying to force myself to write something on a regular basis as I used to be an ok wordsmith once upon a time, but it turns out that like any other organ, your writing can get rusty if you don’t use it.

I actually feel a little bit gauche broadcasting myself without permission, I much prefer reading other people’s blogs and learning about their lives than trying to tell people about mine.


Gaw said...

Thank you for inviting us to bask in your balmy lagoon. It is a most welcome dip.

Brit said...

Congrats. It is a nice lagoon - one never knows what one will find in it.