Im not totally into the Naomi Klein style Liberal-left thing that the site espouses, (all business bad! - except business thats really well designed and stuff, like with my iphone) but there's no denying the visceral hit of the stuff that turns up on Adbusters

And I suppose it does sweet-talk my crunchy conservative concience. I might have to go and buy an Anya Hindmarch shopping tote or something


Brit said...

Nothing wrong with being a crunchy con. I have tendencies that way myself; you just need to remember it's a lifestyle choice rather than a viable political movement.

worm said...

'I have tendencies that way myself' - you make it sound like some kind of weird perversion!

Brit said...

Well of course it's perverse. A rejection of the things that give you the freedom to make the rejection of them.