Interesting to note that Damien Hirst's exhibition of his own paintings is getting a

The paintings are kind of pleasing to look at, I quite like the dark spatial thing going on, but all this has been done by Bacon before and much, much better. As it says in the reviews, its all a bit A-level.

Regardless of the art though, I actually think that this shows either monumental bravery or total stupidity on Hirst's part - to stick one's head over the parapet and invite almost inevitable oppibrium is quite a thing to do, especially for someone as historically vain as an artist. Most interesting - I wonder what his motivation was, or will he claim that the artwork itself is a reflection on the hubris of a once bombastic artistic titan humbly presenting his genuine frail and un-confident art?


Gaw said...

I'm a bit wary of the opinions of these critics. Their praise didn't seem a very reliable recommendation in the past, so...

BTW have you been to the Wallace Collection? If you like pretty rococco 18th century French paintings it's the place for you. Brings out your inner gay, like.

worm said...

ooh I do love to let my inner gay roam free

been to wallace collection - as you say, taken together all those thousands of acres of gilt frames are a little 'elton john' but many of the pieces are very fine indeed, I especially liked the furniture! and lets not forget the laughing cavalier, who truly does make you feel cheerful looking at him!

Im more of a Wellcome collection man myself, a bit like Damien there