Letters of note

Just wanted to let you know about a blog that I think is rather charming - it's called

'Letters of Note'

and it's basically a daily posting of a letter from history that has importance or is simply interesting or beautiful. I particularly liked the one above, written in 1915 by a young Winston Churchill (then fighting in WW1) and sealed in an envelope bearing the instruction, 'To be sent to Mrs Churchill in the event of my death' Luckily his wife, Clementine, never saw the letter. It reads:

Do not grieve for me too much. I am a spirit confident of my rights. Death is only an incident & not the most important which happens to us in this state of being. On the whole, especially since I met you my darling I have been happy, & you have taught me how noble a woman's heart can be. If there is anywhere else I shall be on the look out for you. Meanwhile look forward, feel free, rejoice in life, cherish the children, guard my memory. God bless you.

Good bye.