The Dirt

I didn’t have much time or inclination to read on holiday, but I did manage to get through one book in between the periods of unconciousness – and it was truly most apt –

The Dirt, the full throttle autobiography of horrible 80’s hair-metal band, Motley Crue.

I have to say that even without the almost endless stream of hilarious anecdotes involving wheelbarrows full of drugs and gullible groupies, it’s one of the best structured and most honest autobiographies I’ve ever read. The writing style is surprisingly un-american and lacks the self-awareness of most ‘celebrity’ biogs. The candour of the people involved is incredible, they really do lay bare their frailties in the most guileless and charming way, especially the heroin and crack addicted bassist, Nikki Sixx, who comes across as a very damaged little boy.

You don't need to have any interest in the band or their music at all to be totally intrigued by their story - a brilliant study of people who have lived many men’s dreams (the drugs, the mansions, the Pamela Andersons) and come through the other side; this book contains vicarious thrills in every paragraph, loads of lurid hollywood gossip… and is very highly recommended indeed!!


Brit said...

Have you seen the film about Anvil?

Quality real-life Spinal Tap action, but about a band who failed (but are still trying) to attain the Motley Crue lifestyle.

worm said...

I own it, but i havn't watched it yet! I'd been saving it for the right moment as I heard from my friends that it can make you feel kind of depressed by the end (the reality of shattered dreams/ wasted lives etc)

Love The Tap too