Currently reading the book 'Uber Alles', a look at the Germans in 1952 by the famous comic author George Mikes. He begins:

"Hitler was a great genius, and he succeeded in achieving the opposite of all his aims. He wanted to make Germany great: he made her small; he wanted to unite all Germans abroad; he succeded in dividing even Germany proper into two; he wanted Germany to have colonies and succeeded in making Germany - for some time, at least - a colony herself; he was an amateur architect, wishing to build up a new and beautiful Germany as fast as possible, but he became the demolition expert who laid the whole country in ruins at record speed; he wanted to destroy Bolshevism and occupy Moscow : he destroyed Nazism instead and brought the Russians to Berlin and still further West; he wanted to make the Germans the master-race and destroy the Jews: he was largely instrumental in establishing a new and independent Jewish state and turning the Germans into the new Jews."


Gaw said...

What an image! Must track down the book - thanks for the tip off.