I'll drink to that

Roger Scruton says

"The practice of buying rounds in the pub is one of the great cultural achievements of the English. It enables people with little money of their own to make generous gestures, without the risk of being ruined by them. It enables each person to distinguish himself from his neighbours and to portray his individuality in his choice of drink, and it causes affection progressively to mount in the circle of drinkers, by giving each in turn the character of a warm and hospitable friend."


Gaw said...

That's a great exposition by the good doctor. One of his many achievements is his success in making philosophy useful again. And accessible too.

I must mention the teachings of Aristotle to the next paralytic bunch of Saturday night piss-artists I come across.

By the way, my favourite bit of cockney rhyming slang is 'Aris' for 'arse'. You get this through a two-stage process: (1) 'Arse' rhymes with the 'glass' in 'bottle and glass' which (2) rhymes with the '-totle' part of 'Aristotle' which is therefore shortened to 'Aris'. These Greeks get everywhere.

I once worked with someone called Mandy Harris and inevitably we ended up with: Mandy = arse.

Sorry to go on a bit.

worm said...

haha -ramble away!