Rusting strings

Oh...this's by Noah and the Whale
It's called 'The First Day of Spring' and its a real beauty....its got that National/mercury rev/mazzy star sound: a dusty, whiskey soaked, lonely-motel-in-the-desert vibe. It comes from the new album of the same name
. I hope you enjoy it!


Brit said...

Can't listen to this yet (no speakers), but I did listen to an awful lot of Mazzy Star as a student. Perfect bedsit slacker music, and of course Hope Sandoval was dreamy...

worm said...

do you know what - I'd never actually seen what she looks like - just googled her - she's got that french vanessa paradis/ emmanual beart thing going on- nice! and a pleasant surprise to find someone who looks like you think they should look!

hope u get to listen to the song - its quite a beauty! (if you click on the 'divshare' logo, you should be able to download the whole song as an mp3 if you want to keep it for later)