Arcadian Revelry

There's a really great website called Caught by the River.
It seems to be part of a current resurgence in folksy, homemade things that is going on at the moment, the likes of which were probably last seen in the 1930's and 1970's.

Caught by the River is a website principally themed around the zen-like qualities of fishing, with an emphasis on the nature you experience around you whilst attempting to fish. The website is actually curated by some of the guys who run the rather trendy 'Heavenly' music label (Doves, Ed Harcourt, Beth Orton, Saint Etienne, Manics etc) who obviously enjoy pipe-and-slippers moments in their days off from standing backstage snorting cocaine off unicorns.

Here's how the website describes itself:

“In an age of blackberrys, mobiles, and time is money, fishing is an increasingly eccentric sport. We often sit for hours and nothing happens. There really is no point to it. Coarse fisherman don’t even ever eat their catch. However, if you fish, you have the time to think again, to appreciate and savour the moment. Fishing enables you to take stock, gain perspective, remember great books, hum a tune you haven’t thought of in years. It makes you human again. Sitting with your own thoughts is good for the soul, and you never know, a float might go under, an alarm sound and there’ll be a flurry of activity. Then again, maybe not. It doesn’t matter, you’ve taken time out of the rat race. That’s the key.”

I like the website, and I've just bought the book on amazon, to go with all my other books on the same subject (folky-whimsy bagpuss nostalgia stuff)
- I'm not sure I actually even approve of myself liking this genre, as it seems all a little artificial and contrived - a poorly heated up version of what has come before. And ultimately I worry if it is leading me towards a future of leather elbow patches on smelly tweed jackets.


Gaw said...

Fishing is one of those things I love but sort of vicariously. I hardly ever do it but I really enjoy the fact that it exists.