Topical Thunder

Having very little time to read blogs or post anything at the moment!

but here are some of my current thoughts on life:

I am very excited about the whole 'star chamber' thing currently being discussed by the ConDems- the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a decent whack at thinning out a bloated government is a most wonderful prospect. Of course, government being involved, I am cynical of it ever living up to what they are promising, but if it did it could be amazing. If i'd known before the election that the Tories would be doing this, I would have been queuing at dawn at the polling station to register my vote for them. The really interesting thought though is wondering what situation we would now be in if a Lab/lib coalition had come into power. As supporters (and creators) of big government, how would they have wielded the cuts? I suspect that they would still be shilly-shallying around trying to avoid the subject and somehow hoping it would just go away.

I've got a feeling shares and currencies have some way to fall against each other over the summer - which, whilst being disasterous for just about everybody and lead to years of hardships, may at least mean that I get a good exchange rate when I want to buy lunch when I'm on holiday.

I have an overwhelming sixth sense that we will be totally rubbish in this world cup and get knocked out really early and underwhelmingly.

If anyone else has any questions about the future that they would like me to ask the spirit world, then please cross my palm with silver.


Susan said...

Talking of the future, if you find any time to turn your thoughts to matters other than politics, finance and the World Cup, you might like to check out my new Curious Trends blog at ShopCurious. Ever curious to hear your comments..

worm said...

great new blog susan! and my wife is mega chuffed with her new gym bag!!!! :)))