Saint Beckham

Mixed emotions at Worm Towers, with both the german and english teams performing woefully in their last games. My already low enjoyment of football is flagging somewhat. I was so bored during the england game I went off to try and discover what type of bird it was that perched so portentiously on the keeper's net. I'm pretty sure it was Columba Arquatrix, a female juvenile African Olive Pigeon.

Something has come to my attention that has been puzling me somewhat - what exactly is David Beckham's 'role' in this world cup? Is he, as I suspect, on the bench as a kind of 'talisman', intended to spur our players on by his very presence?

Is it really the done thing to have non-essential people on the bench? If Beckham is allowed pitch-side for no particular reason apart from to be a guardian angel in a grey suit, then doesn't this set a dangerous precedent for other teams to follow? - Barack Obama on the bench for the USA, Nelson Mandela standing in the dugout for South Africa and Mel Gibson in a kilt shouting on the scottish? Where will this madness end?


Gaw said...

I think Becks is there as ambassador for the 2018 World Cup bid. Perhaps he hands out Ferrero Rocher at half-time?

Glad you cleared up the Pigeon Question.

worm said...

but is it normal gaw to have non essential people just hanging out in the dugout? and how precisely is he helping our 2018 bid by being pitchside>?

glad to have helped on the pigeon front, it feels good to share my new found knowledge of sub-saharan ornithology

Susan said...

Perhaps he's there as a fashion icon - to convert football fans to a subject a little less boring? He might get them talking about his curiously sockless ankles??

Gadjo Dilo said...

Worm, I fear the madness will never end - that's football, that is. As for the bird, I was also entranced by it, having sought, for no short time, a distraction from the paint drying on the pitch. Maybe Beckham has always been a twitcher and wangled his place on the bench as The African Olive was the last one he had to tick off in his book, bless him.

worm said...

Hi Gadjo!!! Like an african olive pigeon you flutter in from nowhere and perch on my blog, causing much merriment. I appreciatively parp my vuvuzela in your direction, sir