White hot technology

Breaking technomoligimical news from your reporter in the field- I've just had a play on an ipad. I went to a talk on social media by Bill Thompson, who is a technology reporter for the BBC and he let me have a look at his ipad afterwards (ooer)

Verdict - well it's certainly a fun toy, and would be great for business instead of lugging round a laptop. But I can really see it to be useful (once made cheaper and far more robust) as a classroom aid. I can really picture schoolkids with one containing all their study books, that they can type on, write on and stand in front of class with, and that fits perfectly in their quaintly old-fashioned satchel (aka manbag)

I look forward to reading this post in ten years and laughing at it, in much the same way that I laugh now when I think how cool I felt showing everybody my enormous brick of a Nokia mobile phone back in 1996.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Did you let him have a look at yours after he'd let you have a look at his? Fnarr fnarr!

zmkc said...

Was it hard to give it back? Is it true they are not yet wireless enabled? Surely I've got this wrong?

worm said...

hi zmkc! yes it was hard to give back!! It was brilliant - and as far as I could tell it seemed to be 100% wifi enabled, we were using it to plot our location using gps

Gadjo, mine is too enormous and unwieldy to drag around with me. It certainly won't fit in my trousers

Gaw said...

Are you going to get one? If so why? Please. Can't make up me mind.

worm said...

gaw - my ipad review:

If you are on the train a lot, or on the computer in bed a lot and were in the market for a new laptop that didn't (if you were honest with yourself) require too much raw processing power, I would definately get an ipad, 100%.

If not, then I would probably wait a year and get the second generation model!