It's a trite question, but why is it that the majority of 'artistic' or 'creative' people seem to be labour/left voters? Yes, if you're a poor artist on the dole I can see why, but what of all the creative types who work in well paid advertising agencies or such like? Why does being able to be artistic make you more likely to be up for helping your fellow man? And why, as a 'creativey-ish' type person, do I not have the same left-leanings as my fellow creativey-ish types? I'm worried I may be missing out on something


Brit said...

Probably something to do with the romance of rebelling against tradition and orthodoxy. Also they are more interested in theories and ideas than practical outcomes.

Thus it's "up for talking about helping your fellow man in principle", not actually helping one's fellow man. Right-wing Christians are on the whole vastly more likely to give to charity, I gather.

That magic formula: "Helping the poor makes you a good person. I help the poor by arguing that the Government should tax people like me more and give the money to the poor. I am a good person."

Gadjo Dilo said...

Also something to do with artistic people needing support: either because (A) due to their flighty minds they are rubbish at organising themselves; (B) even if they could organise themselves they would consider it time badly spent; or (C) as you rightly point out they are genaerally skint - not every one can be Rembrandt. Other than that I totally agree with Brit.

Susan said...

Arty types are emotional - it's probably all to do with 'gut feel'. My gut says I'm hungry, must go and get some lunch..