Sonic weapons

Stumbling across this image on the web I was initially drawn in by the aggressive, bristling militaristic alien-ness. It turned out to be a new sound sculpture touring the country, plonked about by earnest arts foundations in various windswept beauty spots. It's not just the object itself that is spooky. Each of the tubes works as an Aoelian harp. Here's the artist preparing his sculpture by experimenting with some soothing Aoelian chords:

Now I know where Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop got her spooky noises from... I imagine sitting inside this thing would be akin to having a group of Cybermen raping your ears repeatedly. I still like it though - it all reminds me somewhat of probably my favourite ever sci-fi show - Quatermass and the Pit


Pearl said...

That is the must brow-furrowing thing I've seen so far today.

But it's early. :-)


worm said...

Hi there Pearl!, glad you like it....I hope there's something REALLY weird right round the corner...