What with my nuptials coming up and all, it transpires that I have had to purchase a bespoke suit (that is colour co-ordinated with the flowers my bride is carrying or something). I also have been instructed, on pain of death, to get a shirt & tie that match her flowers. Seeing as I have never really had to wear a suit/shirt/tie in my life before, I had assumed that I could just walk into a branch of TM Lewin and buy one I wanted. Unfortunately the people in the shop told me that I am too tall for 'off the shelf' shirts, and so have to get a bespoke one too - but I don't know which places I should be looking in - so I was hoping that one of my dear and valued readers may be able to suggest to me a good place (online) to buy a bespoke shirt, that isn't too expensive? Or just a shop that sells larger sized, good quality shirts?


Gaw said...

If your nuptials really are coming up I would simply tape them down. They will get sore and irritable otherwise, regardless of what shirt you wear.

And my second useful suggestion is that you propose she match her flowers to an existing suit and tie combination of yours.

(Sorry can't recommend anywhere for bespoke shirts).

Anytime, really.

worm said...

thanks Gaw, great help there!! :/

And your second useful suggestion makes me question whether you have been married before, or if you are indeed simply mad - for if I suggested this to my beautiful wife-to-be, she would have me executed at dawn.

Alles muss in ordnung sein!!!