Future farming

I was interested to see that farming is to get a boost in coming years. This will please my father no end, as he has been banging on at me for years about how farming is the industry to get in to. Its also interesting to read about farming being spoken about in terms of sustainable futurism, as for quite a few years now we have been bombarded with views telling us that all farming will be done elsewhere in superior climates and imported, leaving our countryside as a twee museum.

This also got me thinking about the discrepancy between the science fiction versions of future cities and future countrysides - in all science fiction we read about how everybody lives in ever-expanding megacities (perfectly reasonable supposition) and outside the city walls lies an irradiated wasteland patrolled by cannabalistic mutants. Why do they always posit this scenario? Why can't the countryside be equally scientific and progressive? How would a non-apocalyptic future countryside look and who would live there?


Gaw said...

I can't quite imagine you as a farmer worm. And I mean that in a positive way, as a lapsed farm boy myself.

Great idea though - an updated futuristic countryside. What with genetics, greening and whatnot there's a lot to speculate with. Could be a very interesting project.

worm said...

you're right, I'm not really the agricultural type! Besides being a bit of a wimp, I need human company and conversation too much, I think I would go a bit mad sitting in a tractor on my own all day!

I think what I should do is buy a large farm, turn the buildings into holiday cottages and then rent out the fields to an ultra-efficient farming company

Susan said...

Have you read Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living by Carrie Tiffany? Highly recommended for agricultural and non-agricultural types alike.

PS Thanks for visiting my blog x

worm said...

susan, I had never heard of her - which is bad of me because for some weird reason that I have now forgotten I have made a collection of Australian Literature (I think it's because I knew there wouldn't be too many books to collect) and I have yet to add this book you talk of. I have now ordered the hardback from Amazon for 1p (plus £2.75 postage) so I will let you know how I get on! Thanks for the tip