I’m currently planning a long weekend of walking across the Knoydart Peninsula, "Britain's last wilderness" -apparently the remotest and most pristine wilderness in the entire British Isles. There are no roads to the peninsula, which means the only ways to get there are either by boat, or by leaving the nearest road and walking 16 miles over mountainous terrain. There are very few things there – 100 people in chunky sweaters, some big mountains, some heather, some amazing views to Skye, and a pub, which is by far the remotest in Britain, and meant to be one of those pubs you MUST visit. Despite being mostly scottish, I have never actually been to Scotland, so I thought what better way to begin my adventure than by travelling to Fort William on the sleeper and then taking a small boat across the loch before falling into the warm embrace of the pub. Depending on how that goes will ascertain how far I’ll be able to walk the next day. I can't wait.