Shopping Mall


Gaw said...

Chilling. I wonder where the minotaur is hiding?

Reminds me of your Sexy Execs post. Where do you get these scary images of sinister banality? They're enough to put me off the modern world.

Brit said...

Reminds me of the hotel in The Shining. Much scarier than creaky old castles.

worm said...

Brit + Gaw, dont know if you remember it from VCR days but in terms of creepiness, thats exactly what George A Romero was trying to do with his zombie flick Dawn of the Dead, which attempted to satirize mindless consumerism by depicting a group of survivors trapped in a sterile dystopian shopping mall full of shuffling zombies.

As a 10 year old I thought the zombies were great, although I may have missed the allegorical anti-consumerist subtext at the time