Apologies if you've heard of them, but I never have - apparently the economist Milton Friedman's son has founded something called
The Seasteading Institute

The institute's main aim is to create autonomous libertarian societies by building small floating or fixed platforms within the law free areas of the high seas, sort of like declaring Radio Caroline a nation

- personally I think its quite a cool idea - your taxes would only be what was necessary to pay for the upkeep of the small community in which you have chosen to live, and if you are unhappy with the particular set-up in one community, you could just move to another.

However, having read most of J.G Ballard's oeuvre, I am fatally cynical of mankind's ability to get on with one another in a confined, unstructured space, and I'm sure it would be no time at all until one of the communities declared itself 'The Pirate Community' and started bothering everybody else with curvy swords and gangplanks.

Incidentally, the above picture is of Sealand, the only existing semi-recognized example of a micronation, and a very interesting place indeed -I shall endeavor to write more about it soon..


Brit said...

Yes, I've read about these micronations before. Like you and Ballard, I'll bet they all end in tears and blood.

Anonymous said...

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