Wonderful week of sunny Teutonic weather, loads of beer, walked up a mountain, got engaged to my beautiful girl, marvelled at all the healthy young couples with babies that were seemingly everywhere, ate salty naughty food, listened to crickets in the long grass, smoked cigarettes, met old friends,
lay in the park, wondered where I really belong

nice to be back though


Gaw said...

Wow - congratulations on everything!

worm said...

haha thanks, it was planned with military precision- found a pretty mountain, practically ran up to the top....and there was a family of fat germans sitting there eating breakfast.

Eventually my scowling scared them off and I took my chance to get down on one knee!

Brit said...

Welcome back, and congrats.

I wrote a poem for you.

Gaw said...

Were they sitting on beach towels? (Sorry, very poor, but couldn't resist it).

Brit, I was taken aback at such a sweet gesture. Until I clicked on the link.