Decline & Fall


This photo makes me want to go out and stab people. This is one of the 13 new meeting rooms that have been designed for the Lego building in Denmark. Everything about this picture is wrong, from the cliched geeks in childish cargo pants and thick black specs (plus 'ironic' t-shirt?) playing whilst sitting on the floor like children, in a childlike room (with the even more thunderously cliched 'blue sky thinking' decoration)

I found this execreble photograph at ARCH DAILY

a great blogger called Nige posted up a great piece that dealt with this horrible infantilisation process that we are all having foisted upon us, using the medium of the 'designer cupcake'

The comments section began to get interesting when people made intimations towards the correlation between women and their buying choices with regards to the propagation of infantilisation, but then everyone chickened out. shame.

his blog is NIGENESS, and it's ace