Ooh La La

These two wonderfully sexy bits of kit are both French - and unfortunately for now, both just prototypes! Why oh why can't they just put these things on the road??? I'll never understand car designers!

The top photo is an updated Renault Megane, and the bottom pic is the new Citroen DS - yes, that's right, DS - as in the sleek cult classic that doesn't look anything like the pic above. Personally I think it's good that Citroen have avoided going down the mini/beetle/fiat 500 retro look, which frankly is a bit passe and wouldn't have done the iconic DS justice -

It seems that what Citroen have decided to do is work within the 'ethos' of the original DS to attempt to produce a truly ground-breaking and class leading small car that is technologically streets ahead of it's rivals (and probably rather more expensive)

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